Jul 31, 2019

Prince George Electric Vehicle Association at Summer Fest 2019

PGAIR recently visited the Prince George Electric Vehicle Association (PG EVA) at Prince George Summer Fest 2019. There were several electric vehicles (EVs) on display and EV owners to talk to about the EV experience. 

Posted by: snussle

Transportation is the leading contributor to greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in BC, and is responsible for approximately 50% of GHG emissions in the City of Prince George. For every litre of gasoline used, a vehicle produces about 2.3 kilograms of CO2, the principal greenhouse gas (GHG) linked to climate change. Driving an EV instead of a gasoline vehicle is a great way to reduce harmful air pollution from exhaust emissions. 

PGAIR was able to speak to EV owners about 3 separate EVs. 

1) 2019 Zero FX ZF7.2 Motorcycle

The 2019 Zero FX ZF7.2 Motorcycle is an electric motorcycle. This EV is used to commute daily from the owners home in Miworth to work in Prince George and back. The electric motorcycle costs about 70 cents for 100 kilometres and can get a range between 80 - 150 kilometres per a charge (depending on speed).  This EV can be charged using a simple 110 V household outlet. 

2) Chevy Volt 

This Chevy Volt is a plug-in hybrid car owned by McElhanney, an engineering consulting firm in Prince George. The Prince George branch of McElhanney is the first to begin converting to EVs and the branch plans to convert their fleet as their older vehicles wear out. 

The Branch Manager reported that the initial purchase price of the EV was higher than their other options but the savings will come with the low operating cost. The cost to operate the EV is about one-fifth of the cost of operating a gas car. The Branch Manager hopes to break even with the costs when the vehicles reach 140,000 kilometres. For him, the investment is worthwhile because they drive their fleet vehicles to about 400,000 kilometres and more importantly the company wants to show that they are concerned about air quality and climate change. 

3) Tesla Model 3 2018 

This Tesla Model 3 is a luxury electric vehicle. The owner reported that winter driving has not been an issue for him in this EV and he finds that the vehicle gets plenty of traction on winter roads. The top range for his EV is approximately 400 kilometres per a charge in the winter and 500 kilometers per a charge in the fall, spring, and summer. One great feature of his car includes the Tesla phone application; he is able to warm his car up without burning fumes and through the touch of a button on his phone. He also noted that the car does not require a block heater.