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We can all be clean air advocates!

If you have a concern about a specific regulated activity or sector, please view our Air Quality Complaints Quick Reference Guide for agency contact information.

Local air quality concerns can be directed to the Ministry of Environment through the RAPP Online Form or by phone at 1-877-952-7277.

If you have a concern or question on how to improve air quality please email us:

Introducing new incentive rates for 2024

New rates for 2024!

The goal to reduce wood smoke exposure in BC communities continues through the Community Wood Smoke Reduction Program.

Exchange your old smoky, non-emissions certified wood stove & receive:

  • $850 for an emissions certified wood stove
  • $1250 for a pellet stove
  • $1750 for a heat pump
  • $300 for simply decommissioning your old non-certified wood stove - no exchange

Check out the Terms and Conditions.