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If you have a concern about a specific regulated activity or sector, please view our Air Quality Complaints Quick Reference Guide for agency contact information. If you have a concern or question on how to improve air quality phone PGAIR at (250) 612- 0252. Local air quality concerns can be directed to the Ministry of Environment through the RAPP Online Form or by phone at 1-877-952-7277.

Clean Air Day 2022

Clean Air Day 2022 is June 8th! Let’s recognize how important good air quality is to our health, our environment, and the economy.

As the climate warms, air pollution is expected to worsen through increased number and severity of extreme weather events such as wildfires and floods. Some air pollutants, such as car emissions, contribute to climate change. But there’s good news! The latest air pollutant emissions report shows an overall steady decline in air pollutant emissions since 1990. As well, we can all take actions to improve air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions to fight climate change.

For example:

  • plant trees to help reduce carbon dioxide emissions
  • compost and reduce waste
  • eat a more plant-based diet
  • drive an electric car or take alternative forms of transportation, such as taking the train instead of flying
  • take public transit or choose active transportation, such as biking or walking, when possible. Choose routes furthest away from high traffic areas to reduce your exposure to air pollution
  • reduce emissions and improve indoor air quality by limiting your use of any combustion sources, such as incense and wood stoves
  • read labels on personal and household cleaning products to select ones that don’t contain harmful chemicals and learn how to use them properly

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