Dec 12, 2018

North Central BC Clean Air Forum 2018 Was a Huge Success!


Posted by: snussle


PGAIR is proud to announce that the second North Central BC Clean Air Forum on June 4th and June 5th, 2018 in Prince George, British Columbia was a resounding success. Representatives from regional districts, municipalities, First Nations communities, health-related non-profits, academia, provincial ministries, and the concerned public all gathered in Prince George to learn, network, and focus on the important health topic of air quality.


Presentations and workshops focused on the 2018 Forum theme - Community Tools for Change. This forum was designed to bring together air quality managers, health professionals, policy and decision makers and community members from all over British Columbia, especially those in small to mid-sized communities in the central and northern interior. We even had attendees from Alberta and California!

The forum theme Community Tools for Change - provided the opportunity for meaningful discussion about air quality challenges facing communities today, along with policy, education or regulatory mechanisms to apply toward lasting solutions. Lessons learned in other jurisdictions to identified community air quality issues provided context for these applying tools.

PGAIR is fortunate to be able to share the speakers’ presentations at the 2018 North Central BC Clean Air Forum. Find a complete list of the presentations below.

June 4th, 2018

2018 Woodsmoke Education Workshop Welcome
Kim Menounos, Manager, PGAIR/Assistant Manager, Fraser Basin Council

Introduction to Woodsmoke Discussions
Paula Tait, Northern Health

Provincial Woodstove Exchange Program
Markus Kellerhals, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy

Community Experience: Central Okanagan Regional District
Nancy Mora Castro, City of Kelowna

Woodsmoke Education and Outreach Tools Workshop
Kim Menounos, Manager, PGAIR/Assistant Manager, Fraser Basin Council

Danielle Patterson, Coordinator, PGAIR/ Coordinator, Fraser Basin Council

June 5th, 2018

Air Quality in the Other 99%, Henderson
Sarah Henderson, BC Centre for Disease Control 

Current Trends in Northern BC
Gail Roth, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy

Health, Smoke, and Wildfires
Sarah Henderson, BC Centre for Disease Control

Wildfire Smoke Forecast Systems
Roland Schigas, University of British Columbia

Community Prevention and Mitigation Strategies
David Conway, Mariposa County, California

Metro Vancouver’s Approach to Managing Wood Smoke Emissions
Julie Saxton, Metro Vancouver

Woodstove Regulation: Smithers
Taylor Bachrach, Mayor, Town of Smithers

Prince George Clean Air Bylaw
Andrea Byrne, City of Prince George

Advancements in Citizen Science and the Implications for Community Air Quality Management
Peter Jackson, University of Northern BC

The Evolution of EVs in Northern BC
Charlotte Argue, Fraser Basin Council

Wrap Up – How might we transition to a clean air future?
Ben Weinstein, Ministry of Environment & Climate Change Strategy