PGAIR Wood Stove Exchange Program

The Provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program changes out old, smoky wood stoves for cleaner heating options including heat pumps, gas or pellet stoves and cleaner-burning wood stoves.

The program, which is administered by PGAIR in Prince George, offers discounts and rebates to promote exchanges, as well as education to support residents to operate wood burning appliances efficiently.

Program History

The Program has run for over 10 years in the Prince George airshed, exchanging over 340 old stoves, and removing an estimated 30 tonnes of particulate matter (PM) emissions from the airshed each year!

2021 Program Overview

The 2021 PGAIR Wood Stove Exchange Program is now open!  Eligible residents of Prince George or the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George (unincorporated areas only) who exchange their old smoky wood stove for a new emission-certified wood stove can receive a $550 rebate and those exchanging to a qualifying natural gas, propane or pellet appliance can receive a $750 rebate. **NEW for 2021** - you can now receive a $1000 rebate for exchanging your wood stove for an electric heat pump. New appliances must be purchased on or after November 1, 2021 to qualify for the rebate. 

Participants in the program must reserve a spot by obtaining a program tracking number, and then submitting their completed application to PGAIR.  
To determine if you are eligible to participate, please read through the application and terms and conditions document below.  For questions and to obtain a tracking number, please contact the PGAIR Program Coordinator at 250-612-0252 or

Please note that residents from Mackenzie, McBride, and Valemount are not eligible. 

Application Forms

Please download and print a copy of the application, visit your local retailer, or contact PGAIR to obtain a paper copy. If you are a resident of the area outside the City of Prince George, you will also require a Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Permit. 

2021 Terms & Conditions and Application

Wood Stove Recycling Declaration Form

RDFFG Residents: Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Permit Application 

(check with your local government to see if a burning appliance permit is required in your area)

To obtain a Tracking Number for your application, please contact the Program Coordinator at (250) 612-0252 or


Participants of the 2021 Wood Stove Exchange Program need to show proof that they have obtained any applicable permits for the installation of their new appliance.  Speak to your installer, City of Prince George, or Regional District office for information on solid fuel permits. For natural gas or electric appliance permits, contact your installer or the BC Safety Authority.  You should also contact your home insurance provider prior to installing a new wood-burning appliance, to ask if they have any additional requirements (such as a WETT inspection) and if you can save on home insurance (by qualifying as a secondary heat source).

Qualifying Original Appliances

The following original appliances qualify for exchange under this Program 

  • A free-standing non-EPA certified “stove” or a “homemade” or “barrel” stove.
  • A so-called “airtight” non-EPA certified fireplace insert or tube type heat exchanger with a face plate and door (like the “Free Heat Machine” or Welenco or Heatalator that is currently installed in an open-hearth fireplace.
  • A non-EPA certified “wood furnace” (ducted, forced air, home heating appliance) – may only be replaced by an EPA certified wood furnace or pellet furnace.
  • A wood-burning cook stove.

Qualifying Replacement Appliances

The following NEW appliances qualify to replace the non-EPA Appliances:

  • A high-efficiency natural gas or propane stove/fireplace, a pellet stove, an electric stove, or an EPA certified clean burning wood stove.
  • A high-efficiency natural gas or propane insert, a pellet insert, an electric insert, or an EPA certified clean burning wood insert.
  • An EPA certified factory-built fireplace – may ONLY be accepted if it is replacing a non-EPA certified wood stove or insert (NOT an existing factory-built fireplace).

The following original appliances do NOT qualify for exchange under this Program (program funding will NOT be provided to install these appliances):

  • A new insert to an existing open-hearth fireplace that does NOT currently have an insert installed in it. An exchange of an existing wood appliance must take place.
  • Factory built (“zero clearance”) fireplaces.
  • Wood cook stoves (These are EPA exempt therefore are not covered by this program. They may be replaced by an EPA certified stove or other “non- cooking” product within the qualification list above).
  • Outdoor appliances (replacement unit must be installed in an area with 4 walls, ceiling and a door).
  • Tin heaters/tent stoves (something NOT used in a residential application)

List of Local Retailers

Visit any licensed BC retail store to purchase your new appliance.

*Some retailers may be missing from this list. PGAIR cannot guarantee retailers offer all appliance types. Retailers may request to be added to this list by contacting PGAIR.

2021 PGAIR Wood Stove Exchange Program Supported By: