Jul 3, 2017

Winner of the Youth Clean Air Pledge Announced

The winner of this year's Youth Clean Air Pledge draw is Melody, a fifth-grader with her eye on an olympic future.

Melody, the active fifth grade winner of the Youth Clean Air Pledge, grins a little shyly as she stands beside her new bike to pose for the photo.


“Owning this bike means that I can go and ride more in races. It’s the right size, and I can go further.”


This year, the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable offered a Clean Air Pledge to youth who wanted to share their actions on clean air. The Clean Air Pledge consisted of a draw entry, with a list of actions that participants can commit to. The winner was announced on Clean Air Day, June 7, 2017 and this year, the lucky draw winner was Melody, a fifth grade student in Prince George.


For Melody, it’s simple: “I’ve been using the city bus to save the air. Everybody uses their car but if you use the bus you don’t have all that pollution. I’ve been trying to get the daycare [shuttle] to switch to the city bus to save pollution too.”

Approximately one-third of Prince George’s air pollution is caused by transportation emissions of PM2.5, the tiny particulates that can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Residents can reduce their impact by driving less, choosing more fuel efficient vehicles and taking public transportation where possible. Each of us is responsible for the air quality in our community, and we can all make a difference through committed actions like these.


Look for our Clean Air Pledge next year, with winners announced on National Clean Air Day. 

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