Jun 20, 2017

Release of 2017 State of the Air Report by the BC Lung Association

In celebration of June, Clean Air Month, the BC Lung Association has released its annual report on air quality in the province. This year's State of the Air Report focuses primarily on the prevalence of wood smoke and PM2.5 pollution in communities around the province.

As a trusted voice in all things air quality, the BC Lung Association's annual release of the State of the Air Report is an important communication event anyone concerned about air quality in their community, and especially for those trying to improve air quality. This year, the report focuses on wood smoke, which contains tiny particles that have a serious impact on health. Residential use of wood to heat homes is a common source of wood smoke in many communities around the province, exposure to which can cause chronic and acute respiratory illness and cardiac disease especially among children and the elderly. 

Read about air quality around British Columbia in this year's State of the Air Report found here. Share your thoughts, concerns or questions on our Facebook page. We would love to hear from you!


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