Idle Free


Idling wastes fuel and creates unnecessary emissions.

Help us map idling hotspots in Prince George - if you see a parked vehicle running its engine, report it!


How to Use the Map

Just click on the map where you see idling in the Prince George area and report the problem (hint: use the arrows and zoom buttons to find your location).

Please include as much detail as possible, such as time of day, exact location, type of vehicle, and duration of idling. This information will help us map the areas where idling is a problem and identify trends relating to idling behaviour.

About the Map

The Idling Hotspot Map is a web-based tool using the free software SeeClickFix, a powerful community mapping platform that allows residents to report problems in their neighbourhoods.

Every time an incident of vehicle idling is logged on the map, the Idle Free Ambassador will receive an automatic email. Areas identified as idling hotspots may be targeted as potential locations for establishing Idle Free Zone signage or for community outreach activities.

Emissions from motor vehicles affect our local air quality and contribute to climate change. When cars and trucks leave their engines running, they are not only wasting fuel and money, but are also releasing harmful pollution and greenhouse gases into the air. Reducing idling time is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to cut down on vehicle emissions. For more information on idling and vehicle emissions, see the main Idle Free campaign page.

Although Prince George does not currently have a bylaw limiting idling, reporting locations where idling is occurring can help focus outreach efforts on the areas where it is needed.

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For more information, please contact:

Katherine Lapadat-Janzen
Idle-Free / Eco-Driving Ambassador, PGAIR
Phone: 250-565-6167

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