2018 PGAIR Wood Stove Exchange Program


Program History

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Prince George Air Improvement Roundtable (PGAIR) Wood Stove Exchange Program!  In 2017 the Program exchanged 25 old stoves (14 within the City of Prince George and 11 in the surrounding Regional District of Fraser-Fort George).  

Smoke over city

The Program has run for 10 years in the Prince George airshed, exchanging over 340 old stoves, and removing an estimated 30 tonnes of particulate matter (PM) emissions from the airshed each year!
2018 Program Overview
The 2018 PGAIR Wood Stove Exchange Program is now closed!  Eligible residents of Prince George or the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George who exchanged their old smoky wood stove for a new emissions-
certified wood stove receive a $500 rebate and those exchanging to a qualifying natural gas, propane, electric or pellet appliance received a $650 rebate.  Participants in the program must reserve a spot by obtaining a program tracking number, and then submitting their completed application to PGAIR.  

To  determine if you are eligible to participate, please read through the application and terms and conditions document below.  For questions and to obtain a tracking number, please contact the PGAIR Program Coordinator at 250-612-0252 or info@pgairquality.com.

Application Forms

Please download and print a copy of the application, visit your local retailer, or contact PGAIR to obtain a paper copy. If you are a resident of the area outside the City of Prince George, you will also require a Solid Fuel Burning Appliance Permit. 

To obtain a Tracking Number for your application, please contact the Program Coordinator, Danielle Patterson at (250) 612-0252 or info@pgairquality.com.

BC Wood Stove Exchange Program

Residential wood burning is believed to be a significant cumulative source of fine particulate matter (PM) in BC, including Prince George. Exposure to fine PM has been linked to adverse human health impacts, including respiratory diseases (such as asthma, emphysema, pneumonia and bronchitis), cardiovascular problems, and premature death.

Since 1994, all solid fuel wood burning appliances sold in BC must meet stringent CSA/EPA emission standards. However, there are still a significant number of old technology units in operation that emit much more PM compared to newer appliances or alternative fuels (such as natural gas, propane and pellets).

The wood stove exchange is a joint government-industry program designed to encourage British Columbians to exchange older, smoky wood burning appliances for low emission appliances, including gas, pellet, and EPA-certified clean burning wood stoves or inserts. The program, which is carried out at a community level, offers discounts and rebates to promote exchanges, as well as education to assist residents operate wood burning appliances efficiently and reduce their emissions.

The provincial Wood Stove Exchange Program is run individually by communities or regions.  To find a program in your area, please visit: http://www.bcairquality.ca/topics/wood-stove-exchange-program/

British Columbians replacing their old wood burning appliance may be eligible for additional rebates or incentives. (These rebates and incentives are NOT part of the wood stove exchange program and must be applied for separately.)


2018 PGAIR Wood Stove Exchange Program Details


Participants of the 2018 Wood Stove Exchange Program need to show proof that they have obtained any applicable permits for the installation of their new appliance.  Speak to your installer, City of Prince George, or Regional District office for information on solid fuel permits. For natural gas or electric appliance permits, contact your installer or the BC Safety Authority.  You should also contact your home insurance provider prior to installing a new wood burning appliance, to ask if they have any additional requirements (such as a WETT inspection) and if you can save on home insurance (by qualifying as a secondary heat source).

Qualifying Original Appliances

The following original appliances qualify for an exchange under this Program (Photos):


Qualifying Replacement Appliances

The following NEW appliances qualify to replace the non-EPA Appliances above (Photos):

The following original appliances do NOT qualify for an exchange under this Program (program funding will NOT be provided to install these appliances):

List of Local Retailers*

Visit any licenced BC retail store to purchase your new appliance.

*Some retailers may be missing from this list. PGAIR cannot guarantee retailers offer all appliance types. Retailers may request to be added to this list by contacting PGAIR (see contact us).

Burn It Clean Awareness Campaign

BurneyPointing(Tagline).pngIf there is a lot of wood smoke coming from your chimney, or if you can smell it long after your fire has been burning, the “Burn It Clean” campaign can help. Visit our Burn It Clean page and learn how to have cleaner, safer, more efficient fires that reduce wood smoke that contain fine particulate matter and other substances that impact air quality and human health.

When wood is burned at a high temperature, virtually nothing but carbon dioxide and water vapour are produced, but when you allow your fire to smoulder, then blue/grey smoke is produced, which means creosote is forming at the same time. Creosote is deposited on the inside of your chimney when wood is not burned completely and becomes a highly volatile fuel during a chimney fire! Safe and healthy wood burning go hand-in hand. When little or no smoke is produced, both the chimney and the air are kept clean.

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